HELP - Norfolk Island Pine - spider mite infection

Frank frank at
Fri Feb 21 06:57:00 EST 1997

Please help me or direct me to the appropriate newsgroup.

My Norfolk Pine has been infected with spider mites.
I have treated it 3 weeks in a row (once a week) with an inceticidal soap
(50.5% potassium salts of fatty acids). Simply sprayed on the plant.

The spider mites appeared to have all disappeared but 3 weeks later they
are visible again, (their tel tale webs at least).

What can I do to get rid of these pests?

The plant is quite weakened by the infestation. It is loosing it's lower

The top however is still green and healthy.

Can anyone advise me?

I am hoping to see the plant survive till spring when I plan to put it
outside. Right now it is not getting much sun and the indoors temperature
is probably too hot.

It is by the biggest window in the appartement, facing south to southwest.
Unfortunately only about 3 feet away from the radiator...

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