MendelWeb 97.1

Roger Blumberg rog at
Sat Feb 22 09:03:11 EST 1997

February 22, 1997

A new edition of MendelWeb (97.1) is now available at Netspace 
(, the University of Washington at
and at the Scholarly Technology Group, at Brown University 
( Major additions include: Robert
Olby's previously unpublished essay, "Mendel, Mendelism, and Genetics"; 
Viteslav Orel's "Heredity Before Mendel", the second chapter of his
biography, GREGOR MENDEL: THE FIRST GENETICIST; and "In the Footsteps of 
Mendel", a an illustrated account of a journey to Brno, by Margaret 
Peaslee.  The MendelWeb Timeline has been revised and expanded, as have
the Bibliography and Reference pages. MendelWeb is a Web-based teaching 
and learning resource, constructed upon Gregor Mendel's famous pea-plant 
paper of 1865.

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