Baja California Botanical Symposium: CALL FOR PAPERS

Judy Gibson jgibson at
Tue Feb 25 10:02:48 EST 1997


 Second Annual Baja California Botanical Symposium
      August 14-16, 1997

 presented by
       The San Diego Natural History Museum (SD)

 and co-sponsored by 
        The Universidad Autonoma de Baja California
        Herbario BCMEX


     The Baja Californian region is a floristically diverse area of
northwestern Mexico that can still be considered a scientific frontier.
This symposium will provide an international forum for botanical
researchers investigating the flora of the peninsula and adjacent areas to
present their findings and meet other scientists working in this region.
Topics of interest can be drawn from most botanical disciplines including:
taxonomy/systematics, biogeography, vegetation/community analysis, ecology,
floristics, biodiversity, conservation, evolution, and paleobotany. The
symposium will be binational in format and content and will be conducted in
Spanish and English. The Baja California Botanical Symposium is a series of
annual meetings that will rotate annually between the U.S. and Mexico. The
successful first symposium took place in Ensenada, Baja California, in

     The second annual symposium will be presented by the San Diego Natural
History Museum and will be held at the Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego,
California. The program will include a preliminary reception, two days of
technical paper presentations, poster sessions, and a dinner at Quail
Botanical Gardens with Dr. Reid Moran as a keynote speaker. Possible field
trips are still being planned.


     Researchers are invited to submit papers on any botanical aspect
listed above for Baja California or Baja California Sur, Mexico or adjacent
areas including southern California, Arizona, Sonora, and Sinaloa.
Interested individuals are requested to send an informative abstract of 
400 words or less in English or Spanish (although two versions, one in each
language is preferred), written in Microsoft Word (6.0 or earlier),
Wordperfect (6.0 or earlier), or ASCII (.txt) format. Abstracts must
include title, author(s), and address (phone, fax, e-mail). The deadline
for submission of abstracts is 1 May, 1997. Those persons interested in
presenting for a poster session only, should indicate this on returned
materials. Authors of papers and posters accepted for presentation will be
notified by 1 June, 1997.

Please submit all materials to: 
Jon P. Rebman
Department of Botany
San Diego Natural History Museum
P. O. Box 1390 
San Diego, California 92112  USA
phone: (619) 232-3821 ext. 247
fax: (619) 232-0248
e-mail: sdnhmrebman at
Judy Gibson
Descanso, California
jgibson at

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