Help! Can't get date 'pits' to sprout!...

Gordon A. Fox gfox at
Thu Feb 27 21:47:51 EST 1997

Patrick A Kirchner wrote:
> Can anyone please advise me as to how I should go
> about sprouting date 'pits'?   The dates are very
> fresh and I'd love to get some growing on my own,
> but time and again, the 'pits' never sprout...
> Thanks in advance...
> Patrick.

Funny -- when I've lived around date palms (San Diego and Tucson)
volunteer plants sprout all over the place. I grew some once a long time
ago from seed -- they like warmth. I seem to remember doing something
like putting them in moist soil in a pot, covering it with plastic, and
putting the whole thing on top of my hot water heater.

Hope this helps.


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