Velvet Plant?

Cathy Czapla toadflax at
Thu Feb 27 21:25:44 EST 1997

Logee's Greenhouses lists two Gynura in their latest
catalog - G. aurantica and G. sarmentosa.  You can
request their catalog ($3.00)  from:

   Logee's Greenhouses
   141 North St.
   Danielson, CT 06239-1939

A Grandmother's Garden -

In article <01bc1a50$e08d6540$63d331cf at>, "Bruce Gerow"
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> HI,
>         Can anyone tell me where I can order a velvet plant (Gynura
> Aurantiaca).Can't seem to find anything on the web.Any clues?
>         Thanks,
>            LooseBruce

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