Transplanting sumac (Indian lemonade)

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Wed Jan 1 01:16:04 EST 1997

cdonahey at (Cynthia Donahey) wrote:

>There are quite a few sumac (smooth) I think. growing on parts of my
>landfill.  It is supposed to be cleaned up and recapped soon - how soon
>depending on what that material is in a puddle in the access road. 
>Anyway, can it be hacked off low, and replanted elsewhere - or would that
>kill the plant.  It's a seventies landfill - and I have often wondered if
>the berries contain any toxins.  Otherwise, I would have made some

Take the small ones, the large ones roots are very cumbersome to deal
with.  Cut them down about one foot tall and replant.  I cut sumac
down every year at some local sites and a year later, you would never
know any difference.

As for the lemonade, we call it a tea, chalk it up to folk lore, and
go to the store for liptons.

Hope this helps

Ontario, Canada

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