mycorrhizae tolerance to fertilizer

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Thu Jan 2 08:55:10 EST 1997

brateaver at wrote:
> Mycorrhizal spreads can't be so terribly fragile, since they have held on
> all these millenia.
> Somewhere today I read about someone who got a fungal infection and nearly
> had an amputation before something was found strong enough to kill the
> fungus. So fungi can be very hard indeed.
>    Look at the tremendous literature, technical and popular, on
> candidiasis.
> B. Rateaver

Uh, gee, Bargyla my friend, perhaps an anecdote about someone nearly
losing a limb to kill a fungus infection is not the most helpful thing
you could bring up to help me promote the wider use of mycorrhizal

I doubt that my friendly fungi would do such a nasty thing to a human. 
I think they just do good, not evil.


Don Chapman
Bio/Organics Supply Center
Camarillo CA

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