Meeting Announcement: NATO ASI 'Cellular Integration of Signaling Pathways in Plant Development'

Robert L. Last rll3 at CORNELL.EDU
Fri Jan 3 10:55:13 EST 1997

<bigger>Meeting Announcement:

The NATO Advanced Study Institute on Plant Molecular Biology
'<bold>Cellular Integration of Signaling Pathways in Plant
Development</bold>' will be held at the seaside resort of Maratea,
Italy from 20-30 May, 1997. This ASI is being organized by Natasha
Raikhel (East Lansing), Fiorella Lo Schiavo (Padua), Giorgio Morelli
(Rome), and Robert Last (Ithaca). 

The aim of this course is to bring together scientists studying the
plant cell from different perspectives: biochemical, cell biological,
genetic, and molecular. The overall goal is to highlight recent
advances and to evaluate cross-disciplinary and emerging approaches for
dissection of plant cell function at the molecular level. We are
planning a small meeting with a format that should encourage
information exchange. 

Each day will have a different theme, which will be developed
throughout the day. Most days will begin with a Keynote or Plenary
lecture, which will serve to review the field, and to provide an
up-to-date view of research in the groups of the speaker and other
leading laboratories. These will be followed by two to three half hour
talks. Each day there will also be an approaches-based workshop, either
on techniques relevant to the day's topic, for example: the nuts and
bolts of electrophysiology on the day dealing with 'membrane
biogenesis, channels and pumps'; or broader topics such as 'genetic and
biochemical approaches to studying underexplored pathways'. These
workshops will be designed to be of value both to established
scientists, and to students who have little knowledge of these areas.
Talks and posters will be chosen from the submitted abstracts. Some
financial support will be available for travel and lodging of
participants, thanks to the generosity of NATO, FEBS and industrial

The meeting is being held at the scenic Hotel Villa del Mare, on the
west coast of Italy. We hope to see you there.

For further information, please contact: 

Fiorella Lo Schiavo, Department of Biology, University of Padua, Via
Trieste 75, 35121 Padua, Italy (pmb at; fax:

Robert L. Last

Phone: 607-254-1325

Fax: 607-254-1242

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