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Tue Jan 7 11:34:17 EST 1997

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>I would be very much obliged if anyone could help me to locate these
>plants,I have had great difficulty in trying to trace anyone in the
>u.k. who would supply me with themif not in the u.k. could I possibly
>be able to get a  supplier abroad.
 1.Jaborandi pilocarpus microphyllos

-no source found
 2.Ipomoea  jalapa/Ipomoea purga

-no source found

 3.Leoniopodium  Alpinum correction Leontopodium

-seeds, Thompson and Morgan 1-800-274-7333

 4.Viburnum Alnifolium

-no source found

 5.Frasera speciosa

-no source found

>I thank you in anticipation of your help,please e-mail me if you can
>help me   scott @

Your welcome

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