help with black spot

Michael L Roginsky d_micro at
Fri Jan 10 17:49:45 EST 1997

In <01bbfe76$f4a57220$40cf75cc at> "Jan Robey"
<hrstreak at> writes: 
>Jan Robey
>hrstreak at
>I own a Native Plant Nursery in South Florida & I am having trouble
>black spot on Stachytarpheta Jamaicensis, verbenaceae family.  Nothing
>have tried so far has made any difference.  If anyone could offer any
>suggestions I would certainly appreciate it.
>					Thanks,
>					     Jan
Jan have you tried any of the "broad spectrum" fungicides? I had a
persistent problem with my holly tree and it cleared-up in just one
summer. If you don't have a good nursery to get fungicides, I will tell
you what I used. If you wish use email I will look the name up. :)

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