mycorrhizae tolerance to fertilizer

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Sat Jan 11 17:48:28 EST 1997

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>Therefore there is no point in comparing the 2 widely differing
>situations. I can't imagine why anyone would pit a prairie grass
against a
>towering legume tree in the Amazon. The climate, soil, rainfall,
>etc etc are so different, and each provides for its own environment
>is best.
In climates where prairie grasses are native, there is usually little
to no organic matter making up that soil structure.  It will be tight
clay which has very high elemental content; unavailable due to several
conditions...pH is one, tight clay particles is another.  From what I
learned, prairie grasses are usually indicator plants for just this
condition. Am I correct in what I learned, or is it just more junk the
Universities are spewing lately?  BTW, I agree with you Bargyla.  There
are sycophants in this industry which I just cannot convey in my
thought processes.


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