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Sun Jan 12 22:08:46 EST 1997

Sten Porse <porse at> wrote:

>Sara Maltby wrote:
>> Does anyone have an explaination for striping in various flowers,
>> i.e. roses, diathus, dalias etc. ? does this have any relationship to
>> variegation in leaves..?
>> Sara Maltby, doscombe at
>Dear Sara!
>The kind of striping you describe is normally caused by various kinds of
>plant viruses. So there is indeed a relationship to "variegation" in
>Sten Porse

I somehow find this difficult to believe since I know for sure that
rose hybridizers have *bred* stripes into various roses. Similarly,
although sometimes variegation in plant leaves can be caused by a
virus, often it is genetic, just as with the striped flowers.

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