DIY HYDROPONIC system-please critique at will

Michael Roberts de310 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Wed Jan 15 09:01:58 EST 1997

1-buy a wading pool or build a flow

tray out of 2X4's and line with vapour-barrier

plastic & use garbage pails with hardboard

or a table for a stand goto

2-buy a 12V bilge pump which can than be

connected to a car battery charger or other 12V

power supply (or sump pump) goto

3-buy a bilge-pump thru-hull fitting and connect

to your pump which is now in your Rubbermade

or other reservoir goto

4-fill the res. with water and leave the pump on 

full blast to see if it is 

going to overflow the tray, if it does, drill

sa couple of holes in the hose which will

reduce the flow, or use plastic insert `T' fittings,

reduce it enough so that your pump doesn't run dry 


5-fill the tray to 4-8 inches with Perlite

& soilless mix at 10:1, I know it will

float at first, so leave your reservoir empty

and top fill to moisten, it will stop floating in a 

while,make sure to add some dolomitic limestone to

balance pH, ,also use plastic patio door screen on your

fill/drain fitting goto

6-mix a complete soluble fertilizer

according to the instrucions on the label,also add a

super-concentrated soluble Kelp tablet to your reservoir to 

ensure all trace elements & minerals (Zinc,Silicon,Selenium,etc.etc.) are 

present and grow  away (I didn't say non-organic)

add a 400 or 1000 Watt MH or HPS lighti on a mover  &

supllemental CO2 for best results


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