textbook for plant developmental genetics

Mary Ann Cushman cushmam at okstate.edu
Thu Jan 16 18:13:21 EST 1997

Although they aren't really textbooks, I've seen two you might want to try. One is a collection of reviews,
the other is proceedings of a meeting.

1) Plant Development: the cellular basis. 1990. R.F. Lyndon, ed. in the series Topics in Plant Physiology
    Publisher: Unwin Hyman: London
    ISBN:  0-04-581032-X
and one that fits your description with a black cover with a photo of an apetala1 mutant A.t.

2) Molecular Biology of Plant Development. 1990. G.I. Jenkins and W. Schuch, eds.
    Publisher: The Company of Biologists Ltd.:Cambridge

Unfortunately, I don't know the library of congress call number, because, I'm afraid our university still uses
the dewey decimal system!
Good luck,

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