CAN SUGAR TRAVEL Across the cell wal of roots into a pla

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faganjohns wrote:

>Yes.  In fact some plants are even parasitic.  They puncture the roots 
>or stems of other plants and take up sugars, water, and nutrients 
>streight through the roots.  Some of these plants even lack 
>chlorophyll, and cannot even make their own energy at all.

Root parasitic angiosperms take up water, minerals and sugars via a 
direct link with the host xylem - apparantly there is an unloading from 
host phloem to host xylem at the host/parasite interface. So in this 
case it is not through the root as a whole organ since the conection is 
within the vasculature tissue bypassing the outer tissues (epidermis, 
cortex, pericycle).

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