Plant Properties? (carrot, lettuce, kale , wheat, spinach)

Bernhard Reiter breiter at mathematik.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE
Wed Jan 22 09:58:14 EST 1997

For my "Diplomarbeit" (german academic degree) in applied system
science, i am searching for special plant properties.

I want to run a model to simulate the uptake of chemicals into
some crop plants, for which some other data exists. I could not find 
the wanted values in the local libaries, so i am really happy with
any hints.

The wanted plant properties per plant are:
		leaf area
		volume of aerial plant parts (fresh)
		transpiration stream [m^3/d]
		water content aerial plant parts (freshweight)
		density aerial plant parts (freshweight)
		conductance of aerial plant parts (freshweight) [kg/kg]
		water content roots (freshweight)
		density roots (freshweight)
		conductance of roots (freshweight) [kg/kg]

		growth rate (first order) in exponential growth phase 

Please let me know, if you know where to get any of this values for
crop plants, especially for:

	carrot 	(DAUCUS CAROTA L. ssp SATIVA)
	lettuce (BRASSICA OLERACEA var. sabellica)
	kale 	(LACTUAS SATIVA var. capitata)	

Thanks for any help.
	Bernhard Reiter

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