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> >Who can help me about information of the Tea berry, Andes Black Berry
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> >and Black Mulberry. 
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> >I want to know how frost sensitive they are.
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> >What kind of soil they need.
> You will get better info if you can find the scientific names for these
> plants.

According to _Lost Crops of the Incas_ (ISBN 0-309-04264-X), the Andes
Blackerry or Mora de Castilla is Rubus glaucus.  There's also a Giant
Colombian Blackberry (R. macrocarpus) with fruits resembling raspberries
in appearance an loganberries in taste. The fruit grows up to 5 cm. long x
2.5 cm wide.

I could find no mention of either a Tea Berry or a Mulberry.

For further information on the Rubus spp. of the Andes, you might try
contacting the following person.

Harvey K. Hall
Riwaka Research Station
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR)
Old Mill Road
RD 3

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