Indoor "ficus" plants: Help!

Peter Marzitelli pmarz at
Sat Jan 25 23:58:10 EST 1997

In article <01bc0994$6a7b3340$4aa141ce at default>,
	"Houston Giles" <houst at> wrote:

>We have killed our last couple of "ficus" trees.  Does anyone know how to
>take care of them?  We don't do anything but water them about every three
>days.  Help!  Our new one looks as if its dying!

if it looks like it's dieing it is probabling going into dormancy(taking a
nap).The leaves start to turn yellowish brown and fall off.Don't panic.
The one sure test to find out if it's still alive is by tring to bend a
branch that you may prune anyway,if its flexable its still alive,but even 
if it breaks I'd still take care of it to see if it comes back by summer.
Do not water it to much ,once week or less.
If I remeber itshould start to bud in about a month or so.

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