Tomato Tree - Help With Problems

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Sun Jan 26 17:52:03 EST 1997

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	Karen and Edward Leventhal <eleventh at> wrote:

>   We have a tomato tree.  We bought
>it back in the Summer time, and planted it
>in a nice large pot.  During the Summer and Fall,
>it grew very nicely, to about 3-4 feet tall with
>large leaves.   However, when we brought it
>inside during the winter months (i.e. since November),
>the plant has been doing quite poorly --
>limp, wilted leaves, most of which have fallen off,
>as well as a small (about 3 inches long) section of
>the main 'trunk' which is brownish.
>   We've been watering it with the addition of
>Schultz Liquid Plant Food (7 drops per qt), and 
>it gets sunlight through a window.  Nothing seems to
>help though!
>   We would greatly appreciate any suggestions, etc.
>Would a sunlamp, warm air, etc. help???
>Thanks a lot,
>    Karen & Ed

If you live in an area that is expiriencing winter this is the hour just
before dawn.Daylight is going to be getting longer and your tomatoe plant 
should be getting the message to start growing again.
Check for white flies which wouldn't hurt,if you have some spray them
with a mixture of soap and water.
Don't overwater ,if the soil is still wet it doesn't need more water.
 Hang in there Spring just around the corner.

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