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Stacy Steven Smith <boldsmith at> wrote:
> I've attached a picture of a tree I'm trying to identify for someone.  It
> has some odd leaves, closely growing together and interlaced that close up
> in the night air of it's Florida Home?  Grows some yellow flowers to boot. 
> Can anyone recognize this variety by the picture I've attached to this
> message?  I'd sure appreciate your email reply if you do.  Thanks!!!
> BoldSmith at

Stacy - 

This is certainly a Cassia (Senna) species, thought the photo (and my
schetchy knowledge of these species) does not allow me to ID it to the
exact species.  The leaves folding up is characteristic of many memebers
of the Legume Family.  Some of these will grow pretty well here in
California, occasionally freezing to the ground during particularly cold
winters.  Check out references under Cassia or Senna (depending upon
where the authors place them) for a more precise identification.
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