Can you name this plant?

Pete Hesse peteh at
Tue Jun 24 05:47:09 EST 1997

In article <19970611025800.WAA12749 at>, seayacker at (Sea Yacker) wrote:
>My mom and I are quite curious.  Last summer, a plant sprung up in the
>back yard rectangle of her townhouse, not unlike Jacks beanstalk.  By the
>end of the summer it was about 6 feet high.  It survived the winter (she
>lives in Maryland BTW), in a dormant state and is now about 10 feet high. 
>Its trunk or stalk is almost perfectly straight.  It seems like a woody
>plant. The "bark" is smooth - almost bamboo like (come to think of it,
>could it be bamboo?) - and a dark olive green with many many white spots
>all over it.  The leaves are very large (18 inches or so across), and
>heart shaped.  There may be a few small branches but as I recall, most of
>the leaves are coming directly off the trunk.  The trunk is about an inch
>to an inch and a half thick.  It sprung up in an area that was getting a
>lot of bird seed, so it may be the product of one of those.  Appreciate
>any guesses.
Could it be Catalpa or Pawlonia? Sounds like it. Same trees different names. 
Big leaves, huh. 

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