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Wed Jun 25 22:53:49 EST 1997

Our web site. "The GreenWeb" is creating specific plant fact sheets that
describe some of the items we carry seeds for.  We have created one on
Panax Quinquefolia (American Ginseng) which should give you most of the
answers you seek.  Check out the URL address of:

and it will take you right into this fact page.  This variety has been over
collected in the wild and is a great one to propagate!

S. Steven Smith
Webmaster of "The GreenWeb"
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Bellvue Public Library <blibrary at> wrote in article
<MPG.e19bde083e64245989680 at>...
> I am hopeing to grow ginsing outside near my house in Iowa.  Is there 
> anyone out there that can give me some information?  Growing season? 
> times to plant?  What have you?
> Thanks for the information

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