Botany Jobs in Southern New Mexico

Ken Boykin gecko at
Sun Mar 2 13:28:54 EST 1997

Research Technicians I and II (Botany)(5) Conduct desert riparian
inventory fieldwork at Fort Bliss Military Installation (El Paso, Texas
and southern New Mexico).  Surveys will involve the use of 4-wheel drive
vehicles and extensive hiking over rough terrain under adverse field
conditions.  Some training provided, but preference will be given to
those with experience in the identification of desert riparian shrubs
and tree- shrubs, conducting species cover and height measurements from
line transects, use of aerial photographs, contour maps, and GPS units
to delineate riparian communities, and GPS data management and
downloading.  Project may involve completion of 40 hour work week in 4
days, with possibility of accommodations near field sites.  Duration:
3-6 months between late April and October. Pay Range: 10.51-11.59/hour.
To apply: submit resume and  cover letter addressing experience or
ability tocomplete the above duties, and three references (telephone
number or e-mail address), TO: Joe Washington, ATZC-DOE, Bldg 1105, Fort
Bliss, TX, 79916, (915)568-1863.Application deadline March 15.  
email jwash at

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