latin name: "kaffir lime"?

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Frank van de Loo (F.vandeloo at wrote:
> Hi,
> A friend is keen to grow "kaffir lime" in order to have fresh leaves for
> Thai cooking rather than frozen or dried.  I haven't been able to find
> what species this is: possibly not the same as the lime fruit (Citrus
> aurantiifolia)?  Where is it cultivated (only Thailand?)?  Any plants in
> Australia?

According to _Cornucopia: A Source Book of Edible Plants_ by Stephen
Facciola (ISBN 0-9628087-0-9; copyright 1990), "kaffir lime" (aka Ichang
lime, Makrut, & Djeruk purut) is Citrus hystrix. It's originally from the
Philippines. The following source had them in 1990:

    Suanchareon Nursery L.P.
    8/6 Krungkasem Road
    Bangkok 10200
    Telephone: 02 280-3521

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