Transpiration and leaf surface are

Bernhard Reiter breiter at mathematik.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE
Thu Mar 6 08:30:36 EST 1997

There are plenty of agro-ecosystem models, which deal with
leaf area indicees, plant growth and transpiration. You might find
some values there, mostly related to ground area and many plants.

There is an index of such models:
	<URL: >
A database for some plant parameter exist in that list:
	<URL: >
called      CPIDS 1.0, Crop Parameter Intelligent Database System.

Over to models you will often find research references.

Otherwise books about plant physiology  or   plany ecology might
contain some infos. 

I had difficulties to get data about transpiration of single crop
plants. And i did not found very interesting ones. But you want data
to go for a single leaf simulation, i am not aware of interesting
values for you... (i no real expert..)(

	Bernhard Reiter

In article <331E0C70.7A95 at>,
	frankb at (FRANK BOWLES) writes:
> Hello!  My name is Amanda and I am a sophomore biology major at Truman
> State University.  I am to write a transpiration research proposal.  I
> will be testing the affect of pricking leaves with straight pins (pin
> holes will reduce the leaf surface area without disrupting the vascular
> system of the plant, which would affect other factors than the one which
> I am controlling).  If anyone could please send me some information
> concerning leaf surface area and the rate of transpiration, I would be
> extremely appreciative.  Thanks for your time!
> npmg87c at

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