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egrunden at prairienet.org (Eric Grunden) wrote:

>In a previous article, de310 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Michael Roberts) says:

>>I keep reposting because your mother told me to
>>last night.

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>Ahhh, what a refreshing and enlightening scientific discussion
>this ongoing hydroponics thread has been over the months.
>You guys are plant science at its finest  ;>

How do you handle a jerk who keeps posting the same bullshit come-on
ads for useless equipment he sells?
It only hurts the industry and is worse than the post-war con artists
who ran hydroponics into the ground with totally useless junk.

AND, if you have been following the thread (as you claim) then you
would know that my only other reply was very informative and
matter-of-fact and solely about hydroponics.

What contributions have you made to the industry?


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