chris freeman cfreeman at frontiernet.net
Tue Mar 11 15:47:52 EST 1997

You folks are right to be irritated with this jerk.  He has angered 
people over and over again on rec.gardens with his useless information 
and pointless one-liners.  I have commented on his instructions for 
building a system, and others have given constructive criticism as well. 
We tried, but to no avail.  He has not modified these poor instructions. 
 Has anyone ever heard of an idea as ludicrous as poking holes in the 
pipe from the pump if the pressure is to high????!!!!  What ever 
happened to overflow drains?  When I tried to have a rational discussion 
about bioponics, he replied "o.k. I'll let you fill the Ebb and Flow 
with compost and manure then"  For someone who sells equipment he sure 
is not aware of developments in the industry.  Mr. Roberts, can you tell 
that now most everyone on yet another NG is fed up with you?

Chris Freeman

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