Help needed with "fruit flies"

Mark & Victoria animaux at
Fri Mar 14 08:21:14 EST 1997

In <01bc2bcd$6f759c40$75c196c6 at dragan> "Dragan" <dragan at>
>We have various green plants in our home, such as spider plants,
>rubber plant, etc.   In the past few months there have been a number
>"fruit fly" type bugs flying around.  Not swarms, but enough to be
>noticeable and irritaing.  Have been unable to find the source.
>Would appreciate any ideas on how to find the source, and get rid of.
These are fungus gnats, and if left alone can and will damage tender
roots of plants.  The larve feed on root hairs and can cause root rot.
I have them and find them quite difficult to get rid of.  I have used
everything from NEEM products, to insecticidal soaps (directly on the
adults), Bt H-14 drench (host specific Bt), I have dried the soil
entirely, changed the soil, used a pyrethrum drench, and tried flailing
my arms around trying to snap them with my hands, like a mental
patient!  You can try some of the methods I used above.  I find these
insects gather around my new seedlings.  Once I move the plants outside
this problem seems to slowly go away.  If anyone knows of an organic,
or should I say, non-synthetic poison method, let us all know.


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