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As a writer, I'd say find some holly flowering and smell it.  
        If you find any smell whatsoever, it would be faint.  Our native
evergreen holly, Ilex opaca, has very little smell and the flowers are a
small and green.  Deciduous members of this genus, however, generally have
more brightly colored flowers and more fragrance, but are unsimilar in
appearance to Ilex opaca in that the leaves lack the conspicuous cuticle and
spined teeth.  They also have varying fruit colors, from green to shades of
red and orange.
Warren Reuschel
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Subject: Question re: Holly
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As a writer, I  need to know:  does holly have a scent?  Can you smell
it on a warm summer evening?  What does it smell like?  Is it sweet?
Is it a heady, overpowering smell?  A light aroma that you catch only

Any help would be appreciated.  Could you please e-mail a reply?  I
don't trust my newserver 100%!



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