How to plant Pinetrees?

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>Ola, eu preciso de ajuda no seguinte tema:
>Como plantar pinheiros bravos?
>Eu sei que algumas especies tem a semente (pinhoes) que basta atira-las para
>a terra que germinam sozinhas....mas e aquelas especies que nao tem pinhoes?
>como e que se faz?
>Por favor ajudem-me?

Well, whatever you do, don't do it the way those underpaid summer workers did
for one land owner: he didn't even give them time off for lunch, and they got
paid by the plant, and were quite disgusted with their employer, so they dug a
big hole and threw all the plants in, and covered them up ... ghastly.

Also, don't do it like the unexperienced planters did one year... upside down...
no pine likes that, and wouldn't 'take root', even if it could ;)

And then you have to come in and clear the grass from around the plants the
following 1-10 years, until the pines are tall enough to stand above the grass.

And last but not least, keep the moose and reindeer away from the plants, or
you'll have pines with multiple crowns.

Happy to help.

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