pH in plants response to Rateaver

mario tenuta mtenuta at
Wed Mar 19 16:30:20 EST 1997

Response to B. Rateaver,

some of your statements I agree with.  We are only just beginning to
learn about absorption of organic nutrients by plants.  Further how
degradable organic matter changes microbial diversity and activity,
therefore plant health is extremely exciting.  However the large and
establish body of literature regarding uptake of inorganic nutrients and
effect of soil pH is not a lie.  You might be surprised to know that the
Rhizobia-Legume symbiosis is dependent upon pH and NO3- content of
soil.  I still think NO3- is an ion.  Further my studies involve adding
some of those amendments you mentioned, dramatically change soil pH
resulting in a completely different microbial assemblage.

Mario Tenuta

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