Clip (.mov) of rare Australian wallaby. Also Free-use gifs.

gullfilm at gullfilm at
Thu Mar 27 12:42:36 EST 1997

Announcement.  New Quicktime clip (.mov) of the rare and endangered
Yellow-footed rock-wallaby, filmed in Idalia National Park, far west
Queensland, Australia.


This site features several Quicktime 'clips (the wallaby, koala) plus
many gifs of Australia's unique wildlife and landscapes, including:

PLANTS: mulga, eucalyptus, wild flowers, water-weed, rainforest
epiphytes (stag-horns, bird-nest ferns) strangler figs.

ANIMALS: kangaroos (gray and red), barramundi, feral goats,
fig-eaters, koalas, shark, fish.

The site also offers a lot of information about Australia's
ecosystems.  The 'clips' and gifs are available for free use -
students and researches only please.

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