spirogyra and acid, please help

Madeleine mmleliev at glinx.com
Sun Mar 30 16:20:34 EST 1997

I am a grade twelve student at Horton District High School.  I have 
performed an experiment on the effect of different acid concentrations 
on spirogyra.  The cell structure of the spirogyra seemed to be 
destroyed, because the chloroplasts seemed to leak out, and then become 
clear.  I was wondering why this occured.  Possibly the acid denatured a 
protein, or chemically destroyed something in the cell wall?  I'm not 
sure, and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me out.  I'm 
also looking for some general information on the care of spirogyra.  
Please respond to Sarah at mmleliev at glinx.com
Thank you once again, 
Sarah Lelièvre

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