Ivy Plants

JD jdavid at uniserve.com
Sun May 4 12:22:52 EST 1997

I just purchased a couple of IVY plants ( a couple weeks ago )
I was told that these plants were slow growing and for outdoor use
only but nevertheless, they are thriving by the inside of a window and
have grown about two feet so far.  Faster than I expected based on the
information that I was given.
My question:   What do I do with them now?   I would like to start
training them to move up along the wall but am not sure how to train
them.   Also,  I am wondering if I start to do this,  they will not
have the direct sunlight that they now have by the window.    If I
have them growing up the actual window pane, would this kill them in
the winter time (we have temperatures in the winter of about 0 C
<freezing point> and a lot of rain)
Any sugegestions?
Thanks,  JD

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