Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Mon May 26 22:44:04 EST 1997

Frank Berglund wrote:
> Dear friends
> Could anybody help me with estimating the maximum possible heigth of
> trees.
> As I am an microwave planner I have problems with trees where I have a
> flat
> terrain.  The trees in Kalingrad area (Russia) are at least 40 years
> old, and
> to my estimate about 20 meters (60 feet) . What could I expect in the
> future.
> Looking forward for an answer.
> Frank

Most dendrology  texts will give maximum growth of trees by species. 
With out knowing the species involved cannot help.  But, in the US
spruces grow anywhere from 60 to 300 feet tall, dependent on species. 
Cedars up to 200.    Pines 90 or so feet in harsher regions of Canada.
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