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At 6:46 PM -0500 11/5/97, Dan Danilowicz wrote:
>What would be the best way to get a tree growing from the seeds I found
>in the core of a pear I ate today?
>Okay, I know, the seeds go into dirt and I add water.
>Is it really that simple?
>I live in Detroit, and winter's almost here, so I'll have to try to get
>'em started indoors this winter and transplant them in the spring,
>I hate to sound so dumb about something this basic, but I'd like to do
>this as sort of a science project for my kids, and I'd like to find out
>the best way to handle it.

This sounds like a good process to me.  The seeds may
need a cold-treatment before they germinate.  Maybe
plant some in moist soil, place in the refrigerator
for four weeks (keeping them moist!), then move them
out into the warmth.  Good Luck!


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