Rudibeckia occidental-medicinal?

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Sat Nov 8 21:51:29 EST 1997

Rudibeckia occidental: Is this a native of North America?  Does it have
 medicinal properties?

The plant ranges from 24 to 28 inches in height. The leaves
are alternate  ranging from 5 to eight inches long fuzzy in
surface texture with a jagged edge terminating in a point
and widest in the center of the leaf. The leaves are
clasping the stem. The flowers are four to five inches in
diameter(perhaps a little bigger several weeks ago) with the
cone 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch wide and i/2 inch in height. The
petals yellow with a series of green petals beneath it range
from 15 to 25 petals and on some the petals fall down like
in the purple coneflower with the other half
pointing upwards. (This part differs from the black eyed
susan, more petals, bigger petals the up and down thing.)
The flower centre is brown almost purple brown.This I got a
second opinion on. The root is hairy. I dug it up the two
year old root because it is fighting for space with the
lavender. The root has one main tap root but does go down
about 5 or 6 inches with  one and a half main roots half
inch wide roots with branching then lots of hairy roots near
the top.

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Henrietta Lala

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