Hardy Citrus ??

Philip Valentine phival at nildram.co.uk
Sun Nov 16 19:43:31 EST 1997

On Sat, 15 Nov 97 14:26:58 GMT, Gordon Maclay <maclay at clara.net>

>I've heard a rumour that there are some hardy members of the Citrus family.
>I fancy growing my own marmalade but being a green I don't fancy heating the
>Any leads gratefully received   Tim from Leeds UK    TDH at maclay.clara.net

AFAIK the only reliably hardy "citrus" is Poncirus trifoliata, a
thorny shrub which bears white flowers followed by small "oranges".
These are not edible.

Citrus species can be grafted onto Poncirus stock which has a dwarfing
effect and makes them more cold hardy.  However, I believe that in the
UK they would still need the most favourable and sheltered positions
to grow outside, let alone fruit - an unheated greenhouse might be OK.

Philip Valentine

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