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Of course, all plants produce egg and sperm. But I guess, the information
that Ginkgo produces sperm refers to its motile spermatozoids (with
cilia), whereas all other higher plants (Gymnosperms except Ginkgo,
Angiosperms) has pollen (without cilia). Algae, mosses and ferns have
spermatozoids, too.


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> At 8:58 PM -0500 11/18/97, CHRISTINA ADAMS wrote:
> >hi, does anyone have any information on the ginkgo tree?  I am curious
> >about any aspect of it.  Also, i heard that it produces sperm in order to
> >reproduce.  If anyone has any information regarding this, it would be
> >helpful.  Thanks!
> All true plants produce
> both egg and sperm...ginkgo is no exception.  The ovules
> after pollination fall to the ground and syngamy occurs
> on the ground.  The embryo overwinters and matures inside
> the ovule.

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