seeds of Urticus dioica

Thu Nov 20 09:16:50 EST 1997

>    Recently, extracts of Urticus dioica (the stinging nettle) have been
>used as a treatment for prostate cancer. Does anyone know of a source of
>seeds for this species? I guess the only place I might find it would be
>in a catalog which carries seed of wild plants. I'm sure there must be
>catalogs of this type, but I don't know where to start looking. Any help
>much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Bruce

I thought it was Urtica dioica
A much maligned plant, in summer it protects my fence from youthful kicking, I
wish didn't die back in autumn! On backpacking trips its useful for stretching &
freshening the dried rations. I understand a hymalayan Urtica is used in fibre
production, like flax.
I've never actually collected nettle seed, I guess its quite fine. If all else
fails & you don't think that officialdom will mind, Id be quite happy to post
some snail mail
Tim from Leeds     TDH at

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