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At 7:17 PM -0500 11/19/97, CHRISTINA ADAMS wrote:
>In article <gerber.51.007F1945 at>, gerber at writes:
>>> I fear that except on college
>>>campuses there will be no female ginkgo trees on the planet.
>>I was surprised to notice that in the city of Toulouse (south west of Fran=
>>almost all planted ginkgo were...females.
>But were there any males around??
>I suppose it doesn't matter as long as each sex is planted in isolation.  B=
>how far can the "sperm" be carried by the wind.....or IS it wind-carried???

The pollen are carried for great distances (DOWNWIND!),
but again, if planted in isolation the problem is really
non-existent.  A female about four blocks off-campus here
NEVER sets seeds.  The only male in the area that I know
of is a new specimen on our campus, so four blocks with
some big academic buildings in-between does not result in

Even if the female IS pollinated, you can eliminate the
problem by picking up the seeds as they fall.  The fleshy
arils don't really stink until they have been on the
ground for least in my limited experience.


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