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Mon Nov 24 17:48:07 EST 1997

Ours *did* drop on what was to that point the coldest evening of the year
so that may be it... It was not a hard frost however -- this is
Winston-Salem NC..

Any other folks out there with similar observations?

My 2 electrons,


In article <65ctqs$3s7$1 at>, juli at (JR Bauer) wrote:

> I don't know why your's dropped, but I noticed mine dod the morning
> after our first hard freeze.  Hope this helps.  Any confirmation of a
> correlation?
> juli at
> taguebw at wrote:
> >The two ginkgos (ginkgoes?) behind our building dropped two days ago, in
> >unison as you say. We've been discussing why it drops in unison. What is
> >the signal? Day length?, temperature? Anyone with an answer?

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