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Wed Nov 26 19:00:53 EST 1997


> In article <gerber.51.007F1945 at>, gerber at writes:
> >> I fear that except on college
> >>campuses there will be no female ginkgo trees on the planet.
> But were there any males around??
> I suppose it doesn't matter as long as each sex is planted in isolation.  But
> how far can the "sperm" be carried by the wind.....or IS it wind-carried???

No,the sperm is carried by animals , birds, or insecs,that´s called zoidiogamie.
The spore was  Dino- carryed.
And there are a lot of female Ginkos on this planet. There are in  SO-China and
Japan, where the fruit of the female Ginko is a delikatesse. In other places
threre are no female Ginkos becaue the fresh fruits smells afull like butteracid,
which was very tasty for dino´s.

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