Chirimoya ?

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Marco Bleeker (mbleeker at wrote:
: Does anybody know what a Chirimoya is (species, family, habitus). I ate this
: fruit last week for the first time in my life, tasted delicious: a bit
: pear-like, very sweet. It is about the size of a large apple, green, with
: scale-like indentations. The seeds are hard like stone, 1 cm, black, a dozen or
: more dispersed in the white "flesh" of the fruit. I'd like to germinate these
: seeds - any hints?

Annona cherimola - in the Annonaceae.

Originates on slopes of the Andes. Now grown throughout the sub-tropics,
including CA and FL. Is exported from India and Israel to Europe.  Fruits of
members of this family richer in niacin, phosphorus and thiamin than most
fruits.  No sodium.   -Info from Book "Exotic Fruits" by J. Bacon

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