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Wed Oct 1 07:43:23 EST 1997

>I am trying to find cultures of Ceratocystis paradoxa, the fungus that
>causes pineapple disease on sugarcane. Would any of you happen to know a
>good place to look (other than the USDA). Several attempts have been
>made  to get cultures  from the USDA, none of which have bee successful.
>Thank you for your time.

I live in the middle of sugarcane country here in Louisiana (we just had the
 sugarcane festival in New Iberia).   USL in Lafayette, Louisiana has an
 experimental cane farm and they do extensive research.

The university phone # is 318-482-1000.  They will connect you with the
 agricultural college.
If you want to write to them, the university address is 104 University Circle,
 Lafayette, LA

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