What plant it is? .....1/1 bmp

Alan J Holmes Alan.Holmes at brunel.ac.uk
Thu Oct 2 07:48:26 EST 1997

In article <83MRADAYutM0Ewca at wuli.demon.co.uk>,
Lynda Thornton  <lynda at wuli.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>>  And this news group never wants to hear from you again!  Go away
>>and learn some manners.


>There is just no need for this tone.  I have contacted Juan Carlos
>recently on another query - he seems genuinely interested in gardening
>and should not be flamed for making a mistake - YOU seem to need the
>lesson in manners.

And you don't think Juan Carlos doesn't, need a lesson in manners
that is?

He doesn't bother to find out what is, or not, acceptable in
_all_ these newsgroups, and then expects to have the answer sent
directly to him, cos he 'doesn't bother' to read any of the
groups which has polluted.

Please, don't trouble yourself to stand up for someone like that.


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