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Lynda Thornton lynda at wuli.demon.co.uk
Thu Oct 2 06:01:19 EST 1997

In article <nD29C71E1 at sylvstrs.demon.co.uk>, Mick Collins
<mick at sylvstrs.demon.co.uk> writes
>Lynda Thornton <lynda at wuli.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>> Mick
>> There is just no need for this tone.  I have contacted Juan Carlos
>> recently on another query - he seems genuinely interested in gardening
>> and should not be flamed for making a mistake - YOU seem to need the
>> lesson in manners.
>> --  Lynda Thornton
>  Wrong!  (and don't shout) Considering his blatant disregard (or 
>ignorance) of the rules I was very polite.
>  It cost me (and probably many other folk) nearly 50 pence to 
>download the damned thing and whilst this may be insignifigant to 
>you, it isn't to me.
>  But, perhaps as a pensioner, I'm regarded as being too poor to 
>belong to your rich man's club?
> --
>    Cheers - Mick
You obviously have a hang-up about rules, Mick.  I really think you
should read the kind of reply which would have been much more
appropriate, and polite.  It is in this thread, and was sent by David -
it got the message about the 'rules' through and didn't resort to

Hope that's the end of the matter.  It's a shame that the gardening
newsgroup has to entertain such aggressive outbursts.

Lynda Thornton

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