dogwood blight in GA

Michael L Roginsky d_micro at
Thu Oct 2 15:58:45 EST 1997

In <342BEE4F.39B at> JOHN FERGUSON <ferg at> writes: 
>Michael L Roginsky wrote:
>> Since last summer most of my dogwoods wilted and died, limbs at a
>> Does anyone know what can be done to prevent a similar blight that
>> destroyed all American Walnut trees in this region? You may wish to
>> respond on email...thanks, Mike Roginsky.
>It could be too much water. In my area, east central Missouri, a lot
>dogwoods were lost that way in the flooding of '92.
Hi John.......GA had a very cold spring this year but our expected
rainfall shows a decifit of 2 or so ins. I attribute the mass loss
having brought in from the fast developments around my place where
contractors cleared the native trees and then imported others for some
replacement. This area used to be a mature forest, ie, only hardwoods.
Now I sit in the midst of town hanging on my pristine tract of only 30
acres. This in progress!

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