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Jane Ransom ransom at mearsgyl.demon.co.uk
Thu Oct 2 14:30:17 EST 1997

In article <343386BC.6DDE at ix.netcom.com>, #gondwana
<gondwana at ix.netcom.com> writes
>In one post, Jane Ransom wrote:
>> You know, if you used fewer words, people might just spend the time to
>> read what you've written.
>> --
>In a second one, posted shortly thereafter, she wrote:
>> People are people are people - we have to learn to co-exist with people
>> - and no two persons are alike - a bit like snow flakes, really.
>Does the first post suggest that you are not especially inclined to
>co-exist with people who thoroughly and openmindedly discuss a topic? Or
>is it a request for a simpler vocabulary?
>It would be wonderful to counteract poison with a one-handed slap, as so
>many here enjoy doing. Sometimes this is possible, often is it
>difficult, occasionally it is impossible, almost always it is wrong.
>Does this post meet yours standards of brevity?
Much better - but not quite there yet!
Save your reply for a week as I'm away on holiday next week!
        Jane Ransom in Lancaster.

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