What plant is it? (its an Alocasia)

Sean A. O'Hara saouc at uccmvsa.ucop.edu
Thu Oct 2 20:23:32 EST 1997

>Hi all,
>I'm looking for information about this plant, I got this a year ago and I
>don't know any thing about it yet.
>It has got three big leaves.
>Any help will be apreciated.
>Please ,use my personal e-mail ,as I don't often view this news group.
>Thanks in advance.
>Juan Carlos
>fnajera at recol.es

Hi Juan - 

I had found your message yesterday and didn't get a chance to respond.
But I see that you've gotten lots of responses now - but perhaps not
the type you were hoping for (sorry your got so much flaming!)

Your plant is clearly an Alocasia, a tropical Aroid.  I'm not sure
which species (possibly one like or with an affinity to A. odorata).
I've learned about these plants from the Aroid-L e-mail discussion
group, and I'm experimenting with growing a few out of doors here in
the Mediterranean climate of California's San Francisco Bay Area.
What part of Spain do you garden?  What are your interests?
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